The Difference Between Occupational and Speech Therapies – SĂ©adhin

Edicine and Rehabilitation in the form of a YouTube video, titled “Physical occupational, Speech Therapy Defined” describes the specifics of tasks performed by the Ohio State Wexner Hospital’s interdisciplinary team of specialists, including the field of speech-language pathology as well with occupational and speech therapy as well as physical therapy.

The therapy is based on mobility exercises and support. The therapy helps the operation be in a position to move from one place in one location to another and to transfer. Basic tasks are taking a bath and moving around their living spaces, moving between the steps as well as moving over curbs.

On the other hand occupational therapy concentrates on daily functioning of the body , and the areas in the structure. Activities in this therapy include fixing food, getting cleaned and dressed, business driving to strengthen the hands through these basic functions.

The third one is Speech and language therapy. the third, and focuses on therapy for speech and language. The goal is to enhance communications through the use of speech and manipulation cognitively and physically.