How Maintaining Cooling Tower Water Prevents Legionella Outbreaks – Kameleon Media

Legionnaires disease is a bacteria that can quickly spread and cause disease. Anyone who comes in proximity to the mist may become sick due to this disease. Talk to your supervisor if you have questions about Legionnaires disease, especially if you’re in charge of maintaining cooling towers. Legionnaires present in the water supply could cause illness to people, potentially even killing some of them. If you’re responsible for making sure that your water source, it’s crucial to be aware of what Legionnaires are , and how they get around.

Legionella illness symptoms may be identified after drinking water has been contaminated. Legionella disease is a respiratory disorder that causes difficulty breathing and stomach problems. Legionnaires can cause death and if there’s outbreaks in your community it is important to have the test done for legionella at your cooling towers as well as the other water sources there are. It is crucial to get the test done. While the illness itself isn’t contagious , it is able to be passed on by inhaling the dust from sources like these. hv3robolo4.