What You Need to Know About Food at a Day Camp – Confluent Kitchen

The idea was to transform the perception of day camp food from normal to extraordinary by creating the food themselves and catering to certain diets. It is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant that caters to vegans, and people who are kosher. Like, for example, the chef’s bread and make their own chicken tenders , and purchase the produce locally from farmers.

They hire talented chefs with knowledge of cooking and are passionate about the dishes they cook. A lot of chefs are employed by kids and are eager to talk about their favorite recipes as well as the food they prepare at day camp. Summer day camps are seasonal, and many chefs who work there are semi-retired or retired. The campers can spend the season in different locations and have the opportunity to practice their craft. In the summer camp kitchen, it is a classroom kitchen. They employ support staff all over the world and help them to learn. This is an entirely new kind of work for the food industry. The workers have more relationships, which creates a greater sense of community. It is a job that draws attention from around the globe.