What to Expect From a Modern Commercial Log Splitter – SCHUMM

As we prepare for winter, anyone who owns a wood-fired furnace needs to have a lot of firewood at their available.

A few companies provide pre-cut firewood that should be the right size for the typical wood furnace, however it isn’t the most cost-effective method of obtaining a massive volume of firewood. Most people would rather make their firewood. This is tedious and tiring task. Many people employ the tips of commercial wood processing businesses and log splitters for commercial use.

In the video that is on this page, one such log splitter is seen at work. It moves slowly, but with a great amount of energy. This is an important safety feature. The log splitter shown in the video will process large amounts of logs to make firewood, with very small effort of the operator. It is the operator’s responsibility to put the logs in the right place in the machine. The machine will do everything else by itself and produces a pile of firewood in a short amount of time. hu39t4mvj6.