What a Day in the Life of a Veterinarian Looks Like – Free Pet Magazine

Learn about what it takes for a veterinarian to manage an animal hospital by visiting its offices and lobby, as well as an interview about Dr. Nicole Bruno on the day-to-day life of vets.

The companion animal hospital has separate rooms to consult cats and dogs, as well as a pharmacy that is fully stocked and a lab that allows all blood and skin tests can be performed in house. There are also vaccinations available, dental cleaning, digital imaging, board and grooming, as well as small operations, and more complex procedures.

Dr. Nicole Bruno knew from the age of a child she wanted to be veterinarian and was aware that it wasn’t just about caring for animals, but also them to put to sleep. To improve her expertise in the field of animal health, she started helping out at shelters for animals and hospitals. She was able to use this experience later on to apply for college after which she went on to vet university.

Dr. Nicole Bruno states that the majority of her time consists of performing for blood levels, taking x-rays as well as contacting owners of pets. Even though she’s not opted for an area of specialization, Dr. Nicole Bruno is a fan of dentistry, dermatology, as well as medicine.

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