Tips for Maintaining Healthy Teeth – Dental Hygiene Association

Teeth begin to grow in babies aged 6 months, and this is their first teeth. They are usually lost between the ages of 6-12 years old. They will then be replaced with permanent teeth.

Primary teeth have 10 on the upper side and 10 on the lower jaw. When they fall out they will be replaced by 32 permanent teeth. The tooth is often left in the pillows to be visited by the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy presents them with an offering and afterward the tooth fairy is gone. It is an American tradition. Incisors are teeth that have sharp edges which are employed to break food into tiny pieces. The most sharpest teeth, the Caine teeth, are used to cut foods into smaller chunks. Premolars are flat-biting grind surfaces, as well as chewing. This is the type of teeth we have in our mouths.

Tooth decay and plaque caused by the growth of bacteria in the mouth from food that you eat. It is recommended to brush your teeth twice daily as well as flossing to clean out food particles. Not caring for your teeth can cause gum pain and inflammation. Sugar can lead to tooth decay, so be sure to avoid the process. Regular annual visits to the dentist are crucial to maintaining your health. wtk3jwqf9h.