Tips for Acting as a Medical Witness – The Employer Store

Expert witnesses will analyze the evidence and draw their conclusions from their own experience. You don’t need an academic degree from medical school to become a medical expert witness. Here are some suggestions about how to become the best one. SEAK, Inc, a firm that assists those employed in healthcare organizations in becoming witnesses.

Be prepared to testify in court as if you’re an athlete trying to make it onto the Olympic team. Be prepared to answer questions from the legal team that employed you. You will soon be used to answering many rude questions. Lawyers on the other side are willing to do whatever it takes to make you look unprofessional and your credibility will be taken down. Keep cool, calm and calm, no matter if you are called to be in doubt.

Be sure to remember every detail so you can easily recall they. If you’re ever asked a question about a situation that you are not able to answer correctly and you are discrediting yourself in the eyes of the jury. This will make you appear inadequate and ought to be avoided.