The Ultimate Guide of the Stages of Mediation – Great Conversation Starters

In this article, we will explain what mediators do. Mediation can be ordered by the court. In most cases, mediations consist of the mediator and two parties who want for an agreement. The following video will go over the essentials of mediation aswell being the main roles of mediators. The presentation uses a picturetorial explanation of the mediation process. The presenter will show how often there is one large issue that is on the table and other smaller concerns also have to be taken care of. Setting the tone for the meeting The mediator will create talks points and guidelines to be adhered to during mediation.

The video below will provide guidelines on how you can manage mediation. Also, it addresses issues such as when talks stop. It then shows how to move past that standstill so everyone can come back to the table and begin conversations. If you’re on the journey to become mediators or you are considering becoming a mediator or you have a mediation session coming on the horizon, this video provides important information to learn about. Go ahead and watch it today.