The History of Big Tech and Antitrust Laws – Eau Claire Injury Lawyer

Does big tech actually exist as a thing?

Big tech companies that offer physical and digital content on the internet are often referred to as large technology. Big tech names that are well-known include Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Netflix.

What’s the purpose of antitrust law?

Antitrust laws were formulated and enacted to limit the ability of large companies to control markets, to the disadvantage of the consumers. When large companies buy out smaller companies, they reduce the competition. There are no limits to the ability to grow, bigger, wealthy companies are more likely to buy out all smaller competitors which results in dramatic decreases in competition. A decrease in competition decreases the incentive to innovate, which often results in stagnant infrastructure, and, sometimes, only a small amount of research and development. Furthermore, it relieves big companies from market stress. After all competitors have been gone, it’s now possible for businesses to charge their customers exorbitant costs. It happens because there aren’t enough choices. gb7hkc583q.