Singapores Waste Removal Solution – Source and Resource

rly being disposed. The most efficient option for American businesses is to employ the industrial waste disposal companies. But Singapore’s large population mean that they will not be able to satisfy the demand. In this short video, you will discover their amazing solution.

The conventional process involves removal, treatment, and disposal of waste. Though most countries are able to use landfills to dispose of their waste, Singapore does not have the available land for this. They only have one landfill within the whole country. What is the solution to this problem? Utilizing a mixture of treatment and incineration. Incineration reduces waste volumes approximately 90%. During this process, metal is separated so that it can be reused, while pollutants are treated and then released into the environment. Water also creates high pressure steam that is used to turn turbines to produce electricity. It generates between 2 and 3 percent of the total electrical power used in the nation. Singapore has been able resolve multiple problems at once thanks to this. There’s a lot to be gained from Singapore’s success.