One Way You Can Make a DIY Custom Birthday Shirt – Compare Net Price

There are many online clothing stores that offer different options for customization. Some even allow you to import your own design (just ensure that it’s something you actually designed and not something that someone else has). It is possible to transform any shirt turn into a birthday t-shirt cutting it with a vinyl cutter.

Naisa shows you how to create a birthday dress for the soon-to-be five-year-old child. In the beginning, she creates an image from a variety of graphics and her child’s name. Once she’s created an image she is happy with the most, she’ll cut parts based on the materials being used in the creation of the design.

Iron-on vinyl sheets as well as t-shirt transfer sheets to create the design of the shirt. Transfer sheets enable her to print more complex design on one sheet from transfer papers. The vinyl sheets are used for simpler design elements. After the various pieces of the design have been cut and assembled the pieces are sewed to the shirt. jiyoq985cj.