Learning to Drive a Zero- Turn Mower – Car Talk Radio

Zero-turn mowers are capable of cutting lawns nearly twice as quickly as a standard lawn tractor, and therefore is suitable for cutting large lawns. The zero-turn mowers however are able to achieve its speedy efficiency through an innovative steering and propulsion system. This can confuse untrained operators.

Practice is the key to mastering the operation of an zero-turn machine effectively and in a safe manner. Most zero-turn mowers are controlled using two levers. Moving both levers forward makes the mower go in a straight line to the front but shifting both levers backward makes the mower go in reverse. By moving just one lever, the wheels of the side of the mower to move in the direction of forward or reverse, and you make a turn making the levers move independently of each other. Zero-turn mowers are naturally, able perform a 180-degree turning that does not move forward or backward. However, this could cause a nasty gouge in your turf if the mower is able to turn around without moving tires on the outside of the turning. This problem can be solved by turning three times.