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The Treatment Rooms London YouTube channel will provide you with the essential information you must know about this hair-replacement treatment.

FUE is best suited to Alopecia that is caused by male pattern hair loss, or female-pattern baldness. The two conditions may be the same however the regions affected by hair loss may differ. With FUE, specific hair follicles of the scalp that are growing are removed and transplanted into bald patches. These results may last for long periods of time, and even the remainder of the patient’s life.

Micro punches, which are tiny tools used to take out the individual hair follicles can be used. The follicle and surrounding skin is carefully removed then moved and placed into the targeted area. There is very little scarring and there’s no indication of any other way to suggest that the follicles had been removed.

FUE provides a distinct advantage over older types of surgery like follicular unit transplantation (FUT). It is also known as hair plug procedure. FUT gives results that look more fake than real, whereas FUE results look exactly like the original head of hair. f2cuphannf.