Learn How a Vision Disorder Can Affect Your Driving – Car Talk Podcast

The difficulty of driving can be caused by three major ailments: macular degeneration as well as an eye condition called glaucoma.

Cataracts blur the view of all around and dull. They can prevent the driver from seeing pedestrians, markings for lanes and traffic signals. The glare from headlights and sunlight can create vision problems.

Macular degeneration can affect central vision the most. People who can’t perceive clearly the road ahead of their vehicle can be lost to dangers that are nearby.

Glaucoma is a condition that has the reverse effect as degenerating peripheral vision, also known as what your eyes perceive on the sides. The condition can cause turning to be dangerous since the car ahead will not be visible to someone suffering from the condition.

It’s recommended that you undergo annual eye exams every year. Be sure to always wear corrective lens if this should be mentioned on your driving license, take a corrective driving school if you need to and/or use other modes of transport. mj7flh4t8a.