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It is possible to need your HVAC system repaired or replaced. In general, there are HVAC and heating professionals who specialize in both. Most professional HVAC firms offer repair, installation, and maintenance service. Be sure to talk to every prospective HVAC provider before deciding to buy one. If you are tempted, go to “AC Heating and Cooling in my area” and select the most relevant outcome, but discuss the following factors to decide who can do the best job. How long have you been in installing HVAC systems? Are permits required? – Does a full inspection of all ductwork and the HVAC system be included in the installation? Are the calculations of load and sizing done in line with the Manual J guidelines? Do you have evidence of insurance and license? Do you have an original copy of the bidding that I am able to keep? I’d like details on the warranty and rebate. Which models of AC cooling or heating units do you sell? m993o6jx12.