How to Pressure Wash A Concrete Pool Deck – Bosch Power Tool Source

Here are some tips from How To With Doc regarding concrete pool deck cleaning using high pressure washers

The first rule is to never make use of a spa wand, or a pool filter cleaning wand to scrub the deck. Make sure you use a pressure washer and surface cleaner. The concrete and plastic around swimming pools can be damaged using tools. Make sure to use no cleaner. It is possible to get a deck cleaned by using pressure water. A low pressure will not be enough for cleaning the pool deck.

It is unlikely that you will use pressure washers nearly as frequently, so be sure you get the smallest feasible. Choose a wand that is 33 inches long, as the standard 18 inches won’t be enough.

Before beginning to wash, let go of the pressure. Rinse your clothes on the top of the deck to let the water flow down.

It is possible to save money by washing your fences the patios, walkways and patios in the vicinity of the pool.

After pressure washing the deck of your pool, clean it. A small amount of concrete will come off by cleaning. It is inevitable that some is going to end into the water. ypcantj7v9.