How H2B Visa Processing Works – Video Travel Guides

You can apply for an H2B visa. Keep reading to discover how to obtain an H2B Visa.

Nonimmigrant employers can hire for work or services in non-agricultural areas in the United States through H-2B. This employment is required to be only for a short period. It is possible to have seasonal demands in single instances and times in which a firm is experiencing high or peak pressure.

Examples of workers that would need to be H2B-certified include bartenders, cleaners, and servers. The process for applying for an H2B visa cannot be initiated more than every year. The most popular time to apply is during the summer months of June, July and August. There is a waiting period of until the end of the year to make a new application for any missed applications. It is important to remember that this visa has the possibility of a limit on its validity. Some exceptions are made, however it is generally expected that the workers depart at the specified time.

This video highlights crucial points in processing H2B visas.