How Are Dental Implants Installed – Metro Dental Care

Beware, as this video depicts an actual patient going through the dental implant’s procedure from extraction through the placement of the implant. It can be difficult for some people to see.
Implants are quickly becoming the standard for dental care in order in replacing teeth that are missing. Implants are very like natural teeth. The implant is a tiny piece of metal that’s implanted directly into jaw bone in the upper or lower jaw and a crown fitted to replace the tooth which is missing.
Implants can replace teeth that are missing. They can not only substitute the missing teeth, but they also substitute for teeth that are missing in the jaw. This can reduce the risk of losing bone in the future and help to keep healthy teeth from shifting out of their place.
This video is directed at those who have dental implant procedures planned. The patient is not feeling any pain. 3zzphi1v84.