Here is Why You Should Not Use Bathroom Hand Dryers – Horseshoe Chamber Blog

Hand dryers were introduced in 1938. Hand dryers have remained similar in their appearance. The past was when hand dryers were loud. In 2006, Dyson invented a virtually non-silent hand dryer. It is possible to get sicker when using hand dryers. Hand dryers cut down on the amount of paper towels that are put away. In public bathrooms, hand dryers only spread germs that are already there. If you are able to see germs, a bathroom would be the most likely source. Germs love to hang out within towels and sponges. Flushing a toilet can be similar to flushing an atomic bomb. Make sure you put your seat on the floor before flushing. It is not only an ideal thing to do however, it’s also considerate. When you turn on your dryer, it will permit germs to multiply through the air. These germs circulate through the air, droplets as well as skin-to-skin contact. There were over 80 kinds of bacteria found on hand dryers. The hands of your hands will be exposed to these every time you use a hand dryer. So, in the end, hand dryers might not be as clean as you imagine. Stay tuned for more information. iwl271y87f.