Facelifts Explained – Downtown Fitness Club

The facelift’s design has changed significantly in the last few years. There are many types of facial lifts in the market today. They can vary in their approach to the skin. While some techniques work best for faces that are younger, others are more effective for older faces. Dr. Soares briefly discusses the methods that are most requested and popular to perform facelifts. Other facelifts that are not mentioned in the video include ones that use short incisions or other methods. A SMAS Plication is utilized currently, but not as frequently. It can be done very quickly. The procedure doesn’t need any cutting. The SMAS procedure is outdated, however, still used. The SMAS Plication is more up-to-date techniques. The idea of making this procedure quicker was developed in the year 1994. The skin strip is taken off, and the edges are cut. Some of the earlier methods were criticized as too time-consuming. Also, they did not tackle wrinkles and aging on the cheeks. If you are interested in learning more about facelifts, keep checking this video for additional information, suggestions and the best techniques. v3lq8id5w2.