Does the P-Shot Work? – Health Advice Now


Platelet-rich plasma can be identified by the “P” symbol of the P-shot. A blood sample needs to be spun in the centrifuge. The centrifuge assists in the separation of the blood with abundant platelets from the others. The growth factors then are included in the platelet-rich plasma. It is believed that this will increase blood vessel development and decrease inflammation. This is then injectable into the penis. The negative side effects associated with this mix are quite low.

The majority of studies have been conducted on animals, but no larger-scale research has been carried out on human beings. Only one small study has been conducted. Most of the time, substances that work with animals will not be effective on humans. It’s unfortunate that the P-shot falls within this category. Its benefits are negligible, at best. Due to a loophole in the law this shot did not have to be cleared by the FDA prior to use.

For better treatment as opposed to the P-shot, males suffering from ED need to see ED specialists NYC. This includes injections, medications or intraurethral supps, erection devices, and surgery. r41wqx6qvm.