Car Detailing Tips – Custom Wheels Direct

This involves deep-cleaning of the non-mechanical components of your vehicle, such as tires, paint, seat as well as carpets and internal surfaces.

The process of washing your car with a pressure washer is essential in completing a car detailing project. Be sure to choose the correct pressure washer to meet the car’s requirements. To prevent damage to automobile’s exterior during cleaning and to avoid damage to the vehicle’s surfaces, it is crucial that the pressure washer be at a proper distance from the car.

The next phase of vehicle detailing is thorough cleaning. This requires a wash solution as well as a foam canon. Before attaching the pressure washer onto your foam container, pour some soapy water and water into the canon. The car should be foamed starting from the top before applying the rinsed washer in straight lines to reduce any paint imperfections.

Finally, you should position your dirt traps at the base of your wash and rinse solutions in order to get rid of the debris that was accumulated in your machine while it is being washed. Clean your vehicle using the pressure washer and dry the car using a cotton towel to prevent staining.