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details, job history and personal information.

SLATE differs from other programs designed for college admissions. It lets you personalize your application. It also offers many options for technical solutions which are continuously evolving.

The platform allows students as well as future students to connect with the admissions office and high schools. Additionally, they can share details and files for college applications.

Most colleges employ SLATE as it has the ability to combine every admissions software and advisory software institutions use to create a unified application.

It digitizes numerous paperwork and processes, which saves students as well as colleges lots in time and cost. Though institutions and colleges were among the first to adopt technology in computers, in times past, they needed to utilize multiple software to keep track of the student’s records.

SLATE the platform that is integrated and application, provides a variety of services – that used to be separate charged and not tied. That’s why lots of universities decide to use SLATE. ehnsg15uq9.