Amazing iPhone Hacks You Need to Know! – Info Tech

Over the last few times, you have seen plenty of software updates. Apple is constantly adjusting its technology to offer iPhone users with a better and optimized experience for users. These include features like accessibility, and audio quality. While the majority of iPhone users are aware about the different settings available, you may not be aware of many additional options. The following video will show you how to utilize some brand new functions on your iPhone.

Siri is one of the most beloved voice recognition apps, but Shazam is joining her. Shazam is now accessible on iPhone 10 or newer as an alternative to the main screen. It is possible to search for each song that is playing with a single button. It is also possible to pull several photos from Google Images all at once. The images can be pulled and dragged these images into various apps, the cloud drive, or even text messages. It will inform you about changes throughout the year.