3 Common Reasons Custody Law Attorneys Often See For Custody Splits – Free Litigation Advice

These are the three main causes parents are losing custody of their children.
It’s difficult ending a relationship especially if there are children who are. When legal and emotional concerns conflict, disputes over the child custody can arise.
Through advising you about the best way to proceed, and how to improve it, a custody lawyer will help you to avoid losing custody. These are some of the most common mistakes that people who fight to get custody.
1. Failure or unwillingness to communicate with your other parent An expert custody law attorney or family lawyer can help to communicate more effectively, and offer advice on when you should concede and when it’s time to stand up to defend yourself.
2. The refusal of permission from the other parent’s permission to visit Do not try to alter a court-approved visitation schedule without consulting an attorney.
3. Disobeying court orders – A judge may view your defiance as distain and contempt for the jurisdiction of the court.