What You Need to Know About Solar Energy – Las Vegas Home

Power and the reasons it needs to be improved.

The video below shows how solar energy is much less costly than coal, yet it provides only 3% of world’s energy. Solar powers were originally invented in the United States. This technology has since been adopted by many nations around the world. Technology has become cheaper over the years. China and other countries have made large investments in solar power. Solar power has one major issue. Solar is only effective during day when it is not particularly cloudy. Traditional sources of energy must be used. Although these conventional forms that produce energy are employed only during night and day it is not possible to dynamically increased or decreased according to what is needed. It is also a problem because too much power would not be good for the grid. However, this is fast changing and will reduce the need for grid power because of lithium batteries, flow batteries, as well as pumped hydro. Because solar can work round the clock, these changes regarding solar energy storage will mean many more will choose solar. Are you one of the first?