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Schools for prep students can be difficult to understand. There are some key differences between prep schools, private schools and public schools. The man attends his high school reunion where he attended a prep. It was quite a ride on a dirt road. As he’s been to at the school there, the area has grown quite a lot. There are numerous new facilities. A brand new music center was built. They also added an equestrian centre. As his father was serving in the military, he was sent to this prep school. The only in a public school. It’s impressive to look at the school’s playing fields. The first time that he came to preparatory school, he was greeted with so much culture shock. There is a school book with names, addresses and phone numbers of everyone within the school. The book is extremely thorough. While it is useful, the book was not needed. It did come in handy. One of the biggest cultural shocks was time management. At a particular time every day , people have to go to bed to a certain time every day. If you’re curious about learning more you can watch the video. m4q34ty99b.